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Ferret Related Information

For accurate information regarding the care of ferrets, be sure to visit your states ferret welfare society website. These can be found by clicking a state above. These groups have details information available on their sites.

General Articles
       Ferret Photography Tips
       Legal issues involved in keeping ferrets
       Ferret Colours - Ferret colouring and colour variation
       Letting Go - When euthanasia is required for your ferret.
       Living After Loss
       Harness Training - Some tips to help your harness train your fuzzy.

Health & Wellbeing
       Ferret Diet - What is a good diet for your fuzzy.
       Trimming Nails
       Ferrets and the Flu
       Worming Your Ferret
       Ear Cleaning
       Bathing Your Ferret
       Keep Ferrets Cool in Summer

Health Issues
       Adrenal Disease

Articles From Other Sites
       Ferret Proofing Your Home - A Guide from NSW Ferret Society
       Food and Treats - A Guide from NSW Ferret Society
       Health and Safety - A Guide from NSW Ferret Society
       Breeding Ferrets - A Guide from WAFFS
       Ferrets and the Weather - A Guide from WAFFS
       General Health Information - A Guide from WAFFS
       Ferret Safety - A Guide from WAFFS
       Adrenal Disease - Information from FSOC


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