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It is a sad fact that in our seemingly free country ferrets are not permitted everywhere.

The Queensland Ferret Society has been lobbying the Queensland Government for years to legalise ferrets but due to either fear or ignorance they have had little success in their attempts.

Ferrets are also banned completely in the Northern Territory and there are no known animal welfare groups working on changing those laws. However due to the climate in NT it is probably better for ferrets that they aren't subjected to the heat.

In Western Australia there are no known laws against keeping ferrets, however if entering Western Ausralia ferrets must be declared for identification as other close relatives of the ferret are not welcome.

In some parts of Victoria registration is required for keeping ferrets and some councils have a limitation on the number of ferrets that can be kept. For example in Mildura Council you can keep no more than 4 ferrets when living on a property under 0.5 hectares.

New South Wales has no registration requirements however some councils, namely in Sydney have imposed restrictions on the number of ferrets which can be kept. One example is Canterbury Council in Sydney's inner west where no more than 2 ferrets may be kept on a property and intact males must be kept outdoors during spring-summer months.

No information could be found on restrictions in South Australia or Tasmania.

Lastly is the Australian Capital Territory where ferrets must be licenced and owners adhere to the Animal Welfare Codes of Practise which can be viewed by clicking here.

Really it is a good idea to contact your local council when you are keeping ferrets to find out what policies are in place and what guidelines must be followed. Some areas may have none where others may have limitations etc.


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