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Ferret Colouring and Colour Changes

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There is much debate over ferret colouring, names, markings etc.. The following is a list of the common ferret colourings. This list will be added to as photos become available.


Albino's are noted for their all white coat, as well as their Ruby coloured eyes.

Albino ferrets may also be yellowish due to oil production in the skin.



Sable ferrets vary with their markings. They are more often brown with white and black coat.

Sables are also known as Polecat (colouring), Dark Sable, Chocolate, Light Sable etc.

Black Eyed Whites

The Black Eyed White is so named because they are generally covered with an all white coat with dark eyes.

They may also have flecks of grey or black through their coat.

Black Eyed Whites are also known as Dark Eyed Whites.



Many people confuse their Black Eyed Whites for a Silver. Silvers are born with a dark grey coat.


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