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Ferret Photography Tips

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Hopefully this article will provide you some tips for you to take some great carpet shark photos for your albums. Remember, it is all based on trial and error so have a read and then play around until you find a method that works best for you.

Equipment to Use

To take any quality pet pic you really need to go digital. This means you can snap away, review, and discard all the photos that didnt quite turn out right.

Any digital camera that has an LCD screen, long lasting batteries and lots of storage space is great. It is a good idea to keep the camera handy as you never know when you will need to capture a moment.


How do I keep my ferret still long enough to take a shot? Obviously you have no control over your pet so you cant just order it to sit still, or smile and say cheese. A good idea is to use a treat to keep the animal amused while you do your snapping.

Lights, Camera, ACTION

A good recommendation is, use your zoom function if you have it. You will be able to stand back, take in all the action and snap some quality ferret fun.

A lot of photos will probably not come out so well, so just aim randomly and shoot. When you review them later chances are you will find some pretty good shots in there that you werent expecting.

Other Tips

  • Time your shots well. If you're waiting for your fuzz ball to run out of a piece of tubing at you, you need to be poised and ready to go otherwise he will have shot right past you before you get anything.
  • If something didnt come out perfect, maybe you can edit it on your PC. Use software such as Paint Shop Pro or Photo Shop to crop, zoom, rotate, change contrast and brightness and well .. the sky is the limit. Use your imagination.
  • Keep your camera handy at all times, who knows when the action will come and go.


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