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Ferrets and The Flu

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Ferrets are susceptible to the human flu virus. You can pass it on to your fuzzy and they can pass it on to you. If you are showing signs of the flu limit contact with your ferret. If your ferret shows signs of the flu keep your ferret warm, make sure they are eating and drinking plenty of water.

You may need to consult a vet for help if your ferret isn't eating/drinking or is showing signs of nasal discharge.

Be sure to keep your ferret fluid intake up as they will dehydrate very quickly. You can also try feeding them baby food (no vegetables or sugar) heated which they will be able to smell easier and be more inclined to eat.

Ferrets should never be given any over the counter cold or flu medications.

It is believed that ferrets cannot catch the "cold", however they can suffer with upper respiratory infections and should see a vet if this occurs.


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