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Ferret Websites

We do not endorse any of the information on the sites listed below.

When it comes to your ferrets health, we recommend seeking advice from an expert.

General Sites

Ferret Village
Online ferret community

Ferret Central

Ferret Guy
Ferret helpdesk & community site

All About Ferrets
A website all about ferrets -- the good, the bad and the ugly :-)

The Ferret Polka
Dance the Ferret Polka

Ferrets Anonymous
Ferret legalisation in California USA

Ferrets Magazine
US based ferret magazine

Magic 8 Ferret
Takeoff of the Magic 8 Ball

Essential Ferret Guide
Ferret training and care tips, free newsletter, wallpapers and more.

The Adventures of Snitch and Bandit
A ferret comic site in the making. I am asking for info for it!

Brat Babies Postcards
Ferret, pets, holiday, pet loss, and more. Java, flash, and Fun Pages.

Everything Ferret
Online ferret community
The network of ferrets, for ferrets, by a ferret

Ferret of the Week
A new ferret(s) is chosen each week to be the ferret of the week. Although every ferret is a winner drop in and see the fuzzies that have been picked so far...

Slovenian source of information on ferrets

The Lazy Hammock
Online ferret community

Baltimore Ferret Club, Inc & Shelter
A ferret site filled with informatiom
Live webcams of our ten ferrets
plus de 800 photos de furets ( Belgique )

International Ferret Congress Australia
IFCA is a non-profit group that organises symposia on ferret issues.

Ferret info and fan club

Love for ferrets: Little fuzzies that rule your world
ferret care, tips, information and health

Ferret Friends Networking Group
Ferret Networking Group on 'Ferret Friends"

Ferret Facts
facts and information about ferrets

of The Dark Moon CZ
All about my ferrets from of The Dark Moon kennel

The British Ferret Club.
A forum and website for like minded folk with working, show and pet ferrets

A website dedicated to improving ferrets lives all over the world through the education and provision of quality ferret information to ferret owners :)


Health and Information Sites

Ferret Universe
Great ferret information such as heath issues and care.

Health site

General ferret health care

Ferret Association of Connecticut, Inc.
Health and general information

Information of safe travel with your pets
vetrinary info through partners link
A website dedicated to ferret health and care. All the information you need :)


Ferret Welfare

Ferret Association of Connecticut, Inc.
Health and general information

Ferret Rescue & Education Society

Ferret Rescue Society of Ottawa and Area

Droitwich Ferret Welfare

Motor City Ferrets
A private-home, no-kill shelter, rescue & respite home for ferrets

Greater Chicago Ferret Association
The GREATER CHICAGO FERRET ASSOCIATION is a Non-Profit organization with both a

Victorian Ferret Society
Ferret rescue and club

Pennsylvania Ferret Rescue Assn
We are a full-service ferret shelter - we take in, rehome and board ferrets. We answer questions, hold Ferret Awareness Days at local petstores and pet expos, as well as offering veterinary and other referrals.

Western Australia Ferret Association

South Australian Ferret Association

welfare organisation dedicated to protect ferrets in spain -europe

The ferret hutch
Forum and rescue site

The Lazy Ferret Web Pages
Clive and Suz from Sevenoaks, Kent, share stories and information of their life living with ferrets, along with their thoughts on rescuing ferrets, activities in ferret education, poetry, photographs, and information on their home boarding service

STARescue Ferret Rescue & Ferret Racing
Ferret Rescue covering Berkshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and other local counties in the UK


Shopping Sites

Ferret Hammocks
Australian ferret hammocks

Ferret Store
Free shipping on orders over 35$ including cages! Pretty good prices too!

Rubber Hedge Hog
Animal Stamps ! Many GREAT ferrety stamps

Ferret Farm Rescue
many things for ferrets and humans - including stationary and stamps !

Ferret Lovers Page
Rubber Stamps (ship everywhere!)

Dee Sharp Jewelry Designs
Jewelry including ferret charms

Only Natural Pet Store
Sells all natural diets and supplements, fresh frozen and freeze dried natural foods.

Ferret Depot
The Fast Track For Your Ferret Needs!

The Ferret Shop
Australian online ferret shop

ferret couture
amazing ferret clothes, toys, harneses ect ... i love this site xx

High Quality and Brand Name Ferret Cages and Pet Cages at Discount Prices
ferret themed clothing

Natural Pet Store
Natural, organic and holistic pet foods delivered Australia Wide. Includes ferret food.

Sugar Vs Spice - Ferret section
Cute cartoon ferrets on a variety of customizable gifts! ^_^


Ferret Groups

WA Ferrets
Yahoo group for WA Ferret owners

The Baltimore Ferret Club, Inc. & Shelter
Ferret Club & Shelter Rescue

Ferrets Anonymous
Fighting to legalise ferrets in California

Ferret Society of Canberra
Canberras only Ferret society :)

Baltimore Ferret Club and Shelter
Baltimore Ferret Club and Shelter - educating and saving our furry ferret friends!

Five Star Ferret Accomodation
Ferret Boarding,Grooming,rescue centre.

Fabulous Ferrets
Australian Forum for Ferrets, All are welcome!

Little Dudes Ferret Camp
Ferret Boarding, Resource and Education

Forum for ferret enthusiasts to talk online and share knowledge


Non Ferret Related Sites

There are no websites listed.



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